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Dernière mise à jour : 30 juil. 2020

Acupuncture is a multi-millennial medicine based on the Taoist tradition and part of traditional Chinese medicine. We find its practice in antiquity among the Sumerians, in Egypt and in India.

The word acupuncture was created by the Jesuits sent by Louis XIV in the 17th century: in Latin: “acus”, needle and “punctura”, sting. The word is regrettable because this medicine should not be reduced to a therapeutic tool, even if it is the most used in the world, as the piano is not music but an instrument among others.

It is an energetic medicine of the living, a true biology in the etymological sense which has its rules of movement and energy control far beyond a reflexotherapy.

Points are given for various symptoms that have nothing to do with each other in modern medicine because they obey complex rules of energy movement.

This is why scientific analysis methods such as the "double blind" are not applicable. One group of patients receives treatment, a second group receives a placebo. The prescriber does not know who receives what.

The practitioner cannot be "blind" and must know exactly what he is doing!

For the same pathology, the treatment will be different because the terrain will be different depending on the patient, the order of the points is important, etc.

In a way, a treatment is like a unique musical composition with 360 points to compare with the octaves of 7 notes!

Apart from the needles, the stimulation of the points can be done with:

  • heat (moxibustion),

  • minerals (points of stones, gems),

  • applying plants,

  • mental concentration (psycho puncture).

With the modern world, various modes of stimulation have appeared:

  • electricity (galvano-puncture)

  • ultrasound

  • light (light therapy, chromotherapy)

  • low power soft lasers (without caloric effect)

  • electromagnetic waves

  • magnetic waves

  • sound waves

By using low frequency electromagnetic, magnetic or sound waves, we can resonate with the energy system of the human body which can be considered as a tuned musical instrument.

Traditionally, the energy diagnosis is made by palpation of the 6 pulses on each wrist and treatment with needles.

For over 40 years, we have had field diagnosis and treatment control with Kirlian black and white photography of the tips of the fingers of the hands and feet. The meridians start or end on these ends which radiate an energy field.

The analysis and the decoding are established thanks to the laws of Acupuncture.

With the visualization of the quantity and quality of energy in each meridian, a synthesis is possible between the hierarchy of causes and the reported symptoms.

Thanks to these modern diagnostic and therapy technologies, ancient medicine Acupuncture has entered the 21st century.

Dr Jean-Marie TUNG

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