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22 october 2020

The pandemic is still here with its probable seasonal variations (northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere).

The war of numbers and their interpretation is omnipresent like the war of treatments. The lethality curves are different from spring.

A minimum of common sense and calm should allow the right choices and not hide the basic problems which date from before the pandemic (management of town medicine, hospitals, staff).

Giving figures quantitatively is insufficient if the qualitative aspect is not taken into account.

Typical example, screening tests:

-A PCR analysis at 25 cycles gives a true positive while at 40 cycles it is a false positive which finds virus fragments with a much lower probability of transmission.

-the result of a test is of no interest several days later.

-Antigenic tests are faster, more economical but less reliable.

-being negative one day does not prevent being positive the next. Should we test ourselves all the time or target people at risk?

Like any weapon, a test must be used intelligently and effectively. Free testing is an illusion that pays dearly if only by saturating laboratories.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have proposed a solution to strengthen your field and justify the fact that 85% of the infected were either asymptomatic or with minor symptoms. By acting by sound frequencies on the immune system, the risks of aggravation and hospitalization are reduced, given the co-morbidities.

This therapy is therefore not specific to a microbe (bacteria, virus, fungus). It acts on the immune system and is doubly useful at this time of year:

- period of infections as winter approaches.

-period of depression (loss of light, economic and social crisis).

Let us not forget that anguish, fear, hysterical and violent behavior in general stress lower the immune defenses, thwarting all barrier measures!

Containment, whether personal (mask), selective or general, will have a relative impact on transmission and on the virus itself, which adapts by mutating.

Who should be the priority, health or the economy?

False problem because the two are inseparable and interdependent. The truth is not in measure but in the golden mean based not on mathematical projections, but on an analysis of facts and on objective experience beyond passions.

Let's stay positive, stay safe and don't be afraid. By listening to Quantum Biotherapy, you are listening to your health!

Dr Jean-MarieTung

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