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Are we witnessing the end of the covid-19 pandemic?

In modern countries, we can assume this, if we refer to the statistics while knowing that it is difficult to compare when the parameters differ: medical equipment, tests, hospital beds, and of course the strategies implemented.

Evidently modern countries in Occident are performing poorly and should be honest enough to recognize this. While it is true that it is easier to criticize, it is nonetheless abnormal that incompetence, amateurism and probably guilty interests have produced such a high toll. It is true that it would have been worse had it not been for global quarantine. But what about the countries that have had selective containment through masks, tests and the use of proven treatments (Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, New Zealand, Morocco)

Each of us, politician, medical and ordinary citizen, in our inner conscience and a minimum of common sense can draw conclusions ... in order to be ready for the next pandemic!

Will there be a 2nd wave?

If this virus behaves like family viruses, apparently not, but it can be the exception.

Regardless of this hypothesis, clusters are and will always be present, taking into account:

-individual immune weaknesses,

- co-morbidities,

- climatic factors (northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere in particular New Zealand)

-demographic densities,

- population movements,


-health policies,

-effective curative treatments, available and free of any suspicious interest, in particular in the prohibition of prescription in town and in the hospital!

The Great wave by Hokusai

We are pleased to have been able to offer an upstream therapy to strengthen the immune system which is valid against any form of microbial aggression.

Of course, this is not a 100% firewall.

Of course, this is not an anti-infection guarantee.

Its purpose is to increase our immune defenses in general, to contribute in the event of a positive test for covid-19 either to the absence of symptoms, or to minor symptoms (loss of taste, cough, fever) and to avoid complications requiring hospitalization.

When we say “increase the immune system”, the more appropriate term would be “balance” or “regularize”.

If we start from the value 90 and the normal is 100, it will not be possible to go to 110. Patients with autoimmune diseases where the immune system is in excess therefore have nothing to fear, on the contrary, because the objective is to go from 110 to tend towards 100.

We are thankful to the people who trusted us around the world using the immunity program. Its diffusion was deliberately confidential and we can only regret it but it was to take the risk of being mixed with "fake news".

We will never know what impact users have had. However, the first returns would be positive because there would have been fewer infections of the upper spring tract.

Our 2nd regret is not having been able to participate at the hospital level to help with the treatment of complications.

The first is pulmonary (shortness of breath requiring oxygen, fibrosis ...).

The second is responsible for mortality with cardiovascular disorders and clotting.

In both cases, a specific program could have improved the terrain and therefore reduced the risks.

Regarding the field, everyone will have noticed the profile of patients hospitalized in intensive care: age, obesity, diabetes, hypertension. In energy medicine, this corresponds to a very specific typology which we should take into account if we want to heal what we have compared to what we are.

Experience has shown us that the hospital sector is very closed to outside intervention. In addition, a researcher or an innovation can only be in an official public or private structure!

How do you envision the immediate future?

If one can think that the acute crisis is behind, there are and there will be episodic nests in the world according to local particularities. The battle to be the first to release a vaccine is on and we will see when the time comes. Until then, let's stay alert and don't let our guard down.


Assuming the infectious crisis is behind, another crisis is to be feared as a consequence of the cessation of treatment during confinement, the economic crisis and the social crisis.

Psychological disorders, anxiety and depression are already present.


  • The immunity program is still current and even if it can be interrupted in low-risk areas, it should not be forgotten, especially at the change of season (3-weeks sessions). People in the home and at-risk areas have an interest in continuing.

  • Let's stay positive!

Anxiety, fear like all stress lowers the immune system.

If that is not enough, Quantumbiotherapy offers specific programs, especially for mental health.

Dr Tung

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