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Dernière mise à jour : 27 déc. 2021

The sentry kept watch. Suddenly in the dark night, a noise.

"Who's going there"? ... cried the sentry, brandishing his weapon. "Stop or I shoot"!

"Calm down," said a voice, "I'm bringing you the ammo."

A good pilot anticipates the next turn, a good tennis player anticipates the opponent's response, a good chess player is one step ahead. When a man drowns, it doesn't matter what color the buoy is: we save him without waiting for him to be at the bottom of the water. But if he drowns regularly, let's teach him to swim.

To govern is to plan.

Of course, it is easier to criticize.

The definition of an economist is well known: it is someone who explains to us today why he was wrong yesterday!

It is human error whether in politics, in economics, in science, like this Nobel Prize in physics who declared in 1905 that it was impossible to fly an object heavier than air. Scientific knowledge continues to advance. The truth of today will not be the truth of tomorrow. We would like a minimum of honesty and humility to compel apologies and admit mistakes.

The problem is not a question of intelligence but of level of consciousness which leads to an opening. We can compare consciousness to the vision of the horizon. The higher the observer gets, the wider the horizon.

But to rise is not enough. Looking in one direction imposes a narrow view.

The ideal is to continue to rise higher and higher and not to stop looking in all directions.

In the name of the law, in the name of science, in the name of the textbook, is it better to die intelligently or to live foolishly? Let’s not be stuck on any rule. To survive is also to adapt.

One day, we will have the treatment(s) of covid-19 with protocols that evolve according to knowledge. But when ?

One day another virus will appear that will pose the same problems with the same answers. It is an endless race necessary but not sufficient.

Shouldn't we look at the receiving terrain, understand why 80% do little or no illness and act at this stage?

There remains natural fear and the one exploited to better control the crowds. Those who handle with fear should not forget the backlash.

We must not forget that fear like all stress lowers our immune defenses. The long-term consequences are likely to be worse than the short-term benefits, especially mentally.

Fear generates a behavioral reflex at the oral and anal stages: hence the rush on food and toilet paper!

A journalist questions a 7 year old child, his mother is a hospital nurse:

"Aren't you afraid to see your mom go to work"?

This is reminiscent of the interview of a legionnaire in the desert during the first Gulf War.

"Aren't you too sad to leave your fiancée"?

The journalist was thrown in the ropes firmly.

Has our society caused a lack of courage and a lack of virility?

- "We are at war", it seems.

Fear makes you careful before a fight, it is harmful during and understandable afterwards.

What should we understand behind this fear?

"All these coffins" drops an 80 year old lady bursting into tears, forgetting all the "usual" deaths in the Mediterranean, in the wars of the Near East and all those of our society, on the road, other diseases, tobacco , alcohol, domestic accidents, epidemics etc, etc ...

The death of others brings us back to ours. As long as the man of the West and the East has not mastered and gone beyond the mystery of death, he will have this anxiety, the fear of the dark, the fear of a virus, the fear of the police, the fear of the confinement.

A very cruel king asked the court painter to paint it in full. But in addition to his cruelty, the king was blind and lame and it was risking his head to represent reality. Also the artist had the idea to paint the king a knee on the ground, aiming at a closed eye with a bow.

We have no doubts about the brilliant intelligences that direct or advise. The problem is mental, "a little mind", which parasites and paralyzes at all levels. It's bureaucracy, resulting in 90% inaction and 10% action!

A chef must know how to surround himself and arbitrate with wisdom and ... without fear!

The worldwide health crisis probably heralds, if not the end of a cycle, at least a major turning point.

A great misfortune reveals human nature in what is most beautiful ... and the rest. The expressions of love, compassion, empathy and solidarity are extraordinary and fortunately cannot be erased by behaviors of selfishness, stupidity and hatred.

When this pandemic is resolved, we will have to manage another health crisis on general health, notably morale, alongside an economic crisis and a social crisis.

The strategy adopted depends on the weapons available and the characteristics of the societies. There is no truth in the decisions made. Even the most contested and the most questionable have some truth. At the dawn of a possible second wave, it would be good if all the intelligences conversed without dogmatism of the single thought, beyond the egos, beyond the interests.

We are living in a moment of truth. The world of tomorrow will no longer be the same as yesterday for all the reasons stated and because a revolution in consciousness is taking place!

Doctor Jean-Marie Tung

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